About the Graduate School

The Graduate School administers and serves Master's programs, Doctoral programs, Certificates, and non-degree courses throughout all thirteen schools and colleges across both the Denver and the Anschutz Medical Campuses. We offer resources and support for prospective graduate students, current graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty. We welcome you to contact us!

A Graduate Degree is an Investment in the Future

The pursuit of a graduate degree is a commitment to personal development and contributes to the foundation for future success. Our students graduate with skills they’ll use in exciting and challenging professions that expand the frontiers of science, healthcare, technology, commerce, and education for our society as a whole. Our faculty are teacher-scholars who consciously blur the boundaries between research and teaching. They incorporate their freshest, highest quality work in the classroom and through direct hands-on training.


Our Urban University Strengthens Our Vibrant City

At CU Denver, the city serves as a primary resource, offering first-hand interaction with art, literature, social change, history, politics, social science, architecture, engineering, and business. Located in the heart of downtown Denver, CU Denver is directly adjacent to the Denver Performing Arts complex, the LoDo Historic District, and other attractions, enriching the graduate experience beyond what is available on a traditional university campus.


World-Class Education, Research, and Patient Care

CU Anschutz is is the largest academic health center in the Rocky Mountain region. The campus includes the University of Colorado health professional schools, multiple centers and institutes, and two nationally ranked teaching hospitals that treat 1.7 million patients each year. All interconnected, these organizations collaboratively improve the quality of patient care they deliver, research they conduct, and health professionals they train.

The Graduate School serves and supports our students, staff, faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and community.

Career Development

Our Career Development Office (CDO) supplements graduate and postdoctoral training with the real-world skills and experiences needed to successfully transition into careers. Through seminars, workshops, and experiential opportunities we focus our career development programming on the skills that will help you succeed in any career: communication, leadership and management, and professionalism.

Program Support

We support graduate programs and faculty by providing services and personnel to meet their administrative, recruitment, and communication needs.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are guided by the highest standards of ethical conduct and foster an atmosphere of inclusion, embracing numerous aspects of identity, including gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability status, veteran status, nationality, religion, and socioeconomic background. We value diverse experiences and perspectives, in the belief that they enhance the educational experience for all.

Scholarship and Awards

We sponsor academic awards, service awards, internships, travel, and networking opportunities that enable students to thrive beyond the classroom.

Community Outreach

Students, postdocs, faculty, and staff, embrace opportunities to engage with our surrounding community in Denver and Aurora. Through public Mini-Schools, mentoring, tutoring, demonstrations, information sessions, and public service, we strive to provide quality and enriching outreach opportunities.

National Recognition

CU Anschutz was selected as one of seventeen universities nationwide for the NIH Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST) award, which has allowed us to develop professional training opportunities that will continue to be offered. Please visit the Career Development website for more information.